SAP + Slack Integration

The challenge

Sophisticated alert and notification handling protects your systems and business processes. Empower your employees to act in a timely manner and fix causes. By integrating SAP and Slack, you transfer important information into channels and thus create transparency.

Your benefits

Establish communication between your SAP landscape and your Slack Channels. Use our tool as a proactive reporting service in your value chain. If there are delays or interruptions, for example in the goods receipt, in the production supply or in the goods issue, inform your employees immediately.
You can also use our application for technical problems in the system. In the case of short dumps or posting cancellations, you will be informed directly and your employees will be able to correct the cause. Only standardized interfaces are used and extensions and adjustments can be made easily via Customizing. You do not need additional middleware. Each SAP module is supported and can be operated by our core interface.

Product demo

Combine the best of both worlds

Create the necessary transparency to ensure system stability and availability at all times. Increase quality by your employees responding promptly to incidents. We provide you with a tool that supports you in your day-to-day work and automates monitoring.

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