SAP Screen Personas: An Introduction

In this blog series, I introduce you to the SAP Screen Personas addon. As an extension of SAP ERP and SAP S/4 HANA, it is part of the “SAP UX” strategy – i.e. the “User Experience”. First of all, I will give you a historical overview. You will also learn about application scenarios and get an overview of the topic.

SAP Screen Personas bridges the gap between the old and the new world

Personas generates UI5 elements from Dynpros and Webdynpros. A historical review of the different versions of Personas: The first two versions were paid for and were based on Silverlight instead of HTML5. They have therefore not prevailed across the board.

The current version 3 of Screen Personas does not need to be licensed separately. This is why it is very popular among users. It offers many possibilities because it can generate UI5 objects. Personas can display all SAPGUI content in the browser. For this reason, the tool is ideally suited for developments in the customer namespace in the field of Dynpro/Webdynpro. In the same way, all standard developments can be implemented in this area.

A “Low Code Approach”

In this context, there is often talk of a low code approach. The Personas Framework automatically generates the browser user interfaces. One advantage is that this does not require separate development at first. Together with the Fiori applications, the applications of SAP Screen Personas can be found in the Fiori Launchpad.

The Slipstream Engine is an addon in the addon. It is an extension of Personas. The Slipstream Engine allows content to be rendered on mobile devices. I will present this extension to you in a further article.

WYSISWYG Editor for SAP Screen Personas

Personas also provides a simple WYSIWYG editor. With this editor, you can easily change (web) Dynpro screens – no modification is necessary. The changes apply only to the ad-hoc rendered Personas user interfaces, the so-called Flavors. This allows you to customize your interfaces for your user groups.

Scriptings provide additional functionality for SAP Screen Personas. Operations can be automated. However, the business logic in the ABAP or Dynpro controller always remains leading.


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