SAP Knowledge Transfer Document

SAP is expanding its repertoire with another technology for documenting ABAP development objects: the Knowledge Transfer Document (KTD). SapScript-based technologies are still used for many object types. In addition, since release 7.40 SP02, documentation based on so-called ABAP Doc comments is possible. The Knowledge Transfer Document focuses on the new object types that originate primarily from the ABAP Restful Application Programming Model (RAP) context. This includes: CDS Views, Behavior Definitions, Service Definitions, Service Bindings, Annotation Definitions, and Packages.

Direct link to development object

The development object is directly linked to the KTD and the KTD can be opened directly from the development object. Each element of an object to be documented can be provided with a separate text. The respective element information is integrated into the code completion. Within the documentation, it is also possible to link to other development objects – even if they are not yet documented. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior definitions, classes, annotation definitions, packages, domains, data elements, function groups, function blocks, interfaces, programs, database tables, table types, views, and transformations.

The Knowledge Transfer Document is available from SAP CP ABAP Environment 2008 or ABAP Platform 7.55.

Starting with SAP CP ABAP Environment 2011 or ABAP Platform 7.56, it will be possible to search specifically for undocumented and already documented objects.

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