SAP + Word Excel Print Integration

The challenge

Creating and customizing your existing forms can quickly take time and time. What if you could maintain your templates yourself in Word or Excel and pass them 1:1 to the printer? We offer you the solution with our Word and Excel integration. Use your own templates. We enrich the templates with your data and print the results.

Your benefits

Developers are no longer required to customize your forms. Leverage the know-how of your employees in the Word and Excel area. We offer you an internal service that automatically generates PDFs in the background from the Office files and transfers them to the spool. Seamlessly link SAP and the Office world and reduce your cost of creating and customizing forms. Data protection remains guaranteed, all services are installed locally at your premises and therefore no data leaves the house.

Use the flexibility to create your own templates with Word or Excel. Choose the appropriate fonts and embed your logos. Headless and independent of the SAPGUI, we generate PDF files from your templates and send them to the spool.

Product demo

Combine the best of both worlds

In SAP, your data is located and you know the office world well and feel comfortable there. Use our integration to merge the two technologies and reduce printing costs.